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Pretty Three Bed Home Looks Like News

But, We Kept the Low Price of the Ugly House

You’d Have to Be Stupid

Not to Do Famous Rent to Own

On Steroids Program(tm): Michelle

Jessee Finds Famous Rent to Own

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When You Make the Long Trip to Florida

It’s Nice to Know the Famous Rent to Own

Program Will Have the Home Ready for You

We have been using Magic Jack for nearly two years and for $20 a YEAR it is a great telephone system. Here is a great offer for Magic Jack.

Two Bed Room Home on Work for Equity: We Have Already Done the Heavy Lifting: Act Now and Save!

New floor in place and the electrial is in and we are down to the part we are looking for the new homeowner to do.Take the home as is, you do the work and make it YOUR home and save. $the Kind of money usually associataed with a rental puts you in and you Earn a Mortgage and all rent paid in the first year becomes down payment.

We have been using Magic Jack for nearly two years and for $20 a YEAR it is a great telephone system. Here is a great offer for Magic Jack.

Big Three Bed Home Work for Equity and Famous Rental

Here is the Neighborhood View

Come in and Tour the Home As Is

And What It Did and Could Look Like

Lori and Robert: Home Looked Bigger than Video: Looking Forward to Making House a Home

Save with AS IS Special, Or We’ll DO Heavy Lifting and You Still Save

Little of the work is done and it looks so much better, but there is still a lot to do. If you can clean, paint and fix, this single wide could be yours in a year and with only $995 up front to move in and you earn a mortgge based on what you do and credit scores don’t matter.
Check out as is condition now!

For more information call George Beardsley,most flexible seller landlord on the planet at 727 644 4661.

Christina Finds George Works With Residents
Who Make Honest Effort to Solve Problems

Now Available: Investor Special or Heavy Duty Famous Rent to Own on Steroids

Just bought this single wide mobile in Holiday which needs floor, electrical, roof work and the normal clean and paint.

We are offering it for a full cash price to an investor who is willing to do the work and also as a Famous Rental for $1,100 up front and we will do the electrical, floor and roof. YHou take over after we do the heavy lifting.

If it is still available in two weeks we will do all the work and offer at retail.

Possible Up Coming Mobile w/land + Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program

Here’s an early heads up on a home we expect to buy in the next few days. It’s a single wide mobile in Holiday Florida, no address until we have it all in writing and signed and all the paper work done. But for planning purposes. We expect to own home in a week to ten days and while it will be as is, we will do the heavy lifting first: some holes and soft spots in floor will be taken care of. Looking for a brave soul who can clean and fix a couple of holes in the wall. Move in of $1,100 for as condition and $550 a month and of course all rent for the entire first year goes to the down payment and you can earn a mortgage no matter r what your credit score with the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program. Call George Beardsley most flexible seller landlord on the planet at 727 644 4661 for all details and more when we get it bought

Ivan Wants George for His Landlord

Theresa and Andrew Found Famous Rent to Own Easy and Fast, but the Good Deals Don’t Last Long

Famous Rent to Own on Steroids(tm) Covers the Field Mobile to Mansion

We are expecting to announce in the next week that we have a very affordable two bedroom mobile in Holiday, FL and in about a month from then we are expecting a rather large three bedroom, two bath home, also in Holiday, with a fenced yard. But Famous Rent to Own also has homes at the other end of the price range. Get all the details here for this luxury home.

And, of course, if you or any one you know wants to sell a house fast, as is visit us at the web site.

Julia Finds Famous Rental the Old Fashioned Way