Famous Rent to Own on Steroids in Tampa Bay

Maryan and George Beardsley have been offering affordable housing in Tampa Bay for years, with lease options and owner finance and easy, no-bank-needed financing for years.
And then, one day.
They invented and got the Trade Mark on the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program™
There is a lot more to it, but basically it is a way to own a home of your own with No Down Payment, No Credit, or even Bad Credit.
Why did they invent the Famous Program?
About three years ago, America changed! Banks had been making loans to almost everyone and some of those loans were made to people who could not make the payments. The real estate market went us way too fast and then collapsed.
Now the banks won’t loan to hardly anyone. And?
There are a lot of good people, some of them have had bad things happen to them, who want a home and:
Events in the economy have ruined their credit.
Even with good credit the banks would say no.
And yet there are a lot of houses who would love to have people to take care of them.
Famous Rent to Own is a Plan to pull together good people who want to own a home with homes that the Beardsleys are able to buy under the kind of terms that they can pass the home on to a new home owner.
Want more details? Visit Maryan and George on the web or call 727 644 4661. George has a real estate license and if you deal directly with the Beardsleys, you will pay NO real estate commission.
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  1. Katherine says:

    Me and my spouse are moving to the Tampa bay area in Nov 2011 and i would like to know what you would have available to view. Please email me back.
    Thank you

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